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Coach Emre was born in Ankara, Turkey. At the age of 5 soccer became his obsession.

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Coach Emre moved to America at the age of 3 and played soccer in America for 13 years. He played club level soccer and varsity all four years of high school, being invited to the County All-Star game his senior year. After Highschool he chased his dreams of playing at the highest level he could and went abroad to play in Europe for 4 years.

Playing in Youth Academy in Spain and Brazil, Under-23 3rd division in Portugal, 1st division in Malta, and 4th division in Turkey, Coach Emre learned from all of these experiences. All his life he has revolved his life around soccer going after his dreams.

At the age of 22 Coach Emre experienced a career threatening injury and had to get surgery on his Ankle. He is still currently playing but wants to help other players and give them the opportunity he wishes he had while he was growing up. Coach Emre joined Salsa’s 11 to bring his experience, knowledge, and passion to helping other players achieve their goals.

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