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Coach Benzzoo was born in a small town in the north of Germany. Early in his life, soccer became his greatest passion.


When he was not even 3 years old, he kicked a soccer ball for the first time, and only a year later, Coach Benzzoo joined a soccer club in his hometown Rostock. After spending 3 years there and developing steadily, his goal was to play soccer at the highest level possible, given his surroundings. For this reason, he joined a new club that could give him precisely this opportunity.

After only one year, Coach Benzzoo's performance was so good that he joined a junior soccer academy that could give Coach Benzzoo the dream job of becoming a professional soccer player. At not even 9 years old, his daily routine looked like this, get up early in the morning, eat breakfast and do the first training session at the main academy ground.

After that, it was off to school and then back to the training ground for the day's second training session. After that, he went home, had dinner, and did homework. This daily routine ran through Coach Benzzoo's life for 10 years. At the age of 17, he was allowed to train with the professional team of his soccer academy for the first time and also collect some playing minutes.

At the age of 20, Coach Benzzoo then decided to go to the USA and join Shaw University to complete his Business Administration Management degree while continuing his soccer career at a high level.

After graduating from Shaw University, Coach Ben joined Salsa’s 11 and brings a wealth of experience, passion, and a commitment to helping players succeed.

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